At the core of your project, Storyboard serves as a pivotal feature within ProFlow—our automation engine seamlessly connecting various facets of your production process, a multiplayer of productivity across the entire production phase.


Efficiency unleashed: A time-saving marvel

Step into the future of a unified, connected and automated workflow.

Add voice over

Add your voice over that magically appears on top of the shot.

Hide technical aspect

Make it easy to focus on the story, hide the details with a click.


See your project progress with completed steps.

How ProFlow connects Storyboard with other steps

Gain the benefits of automated processes and interconnected steps.


Shot Lists

Your Shot List is automatically populated with every aspect of your camera operator’s needs. No need to repeat the same tasks.


Shooting Schedule

Your Shooting Schedule is automatically populated. You can now rearrange and renumber the shots as needed.


Call Sheets

Your Call Sheets are updated as you are creating, on the go.

Creativity with no limits.

Re-arrange shots

Test what works best for your story. Let your creativity flow.

Drag and drop

Save time when uploading files.

Export as PDF

Save. Share. Print.


Export and share

Generating a PDF and share your Storyboard. Note that not all camera info will be included, as Storyboard focuses on the narrative. For detailed camera information, view Shot List.


Plan out the details.

Time to get specific. Connect your shot to a Location, Character, choose Props.


Use version control to track changes to your asset2


Use version control to track changes to your asset3

"That unification of communication triggers or increases your level of proficiency. And, how you communicate to your client is one of the most important things in a producer's eyes."

Govind Sharma -- Producer, Salient Media​