Case study: Copperwing

Streamlining productions:
How Copperwing found success with PRODUCER.

Case Study

Copperwing is a content house, advertising agency and a creative group based in Alabama, USA. Their scope includes brand identity, graphics, exhibits, websites, marketing, sound, motion, and film.

The highlights

Reduction in costs
Increase in efficiency
Smoother collaboration

"PRODUCER has allowed us to save time thus saving money."–
Kristi Sasser


Copperwing, an experienced branding, marketing, and motion creative group, struggled to unify their video production workflow. They needed a solution to connect production stages and provide seamless real-time collaboration. Using a variety of tools felt clunky and failed to solve their pains. Processes were often broken and challenging to streamline when collaborating or making changes. Copperwing sought a solution to centralize their work efforts, eliminating the need for multiple costly and time-consuming tools, catering to directors, producers, and location scouts alike.


Copperwing quickly jumped on board with PRODUCER, impressed by its design and ease of use. The tool’s biggest advantage was consolidating everything into one place. “One workflow that we could all use, from development to delivery,” says Kristi Sasser, producer. She highlights the seamless collaboration enabled by PRODUCER, describing how she and Director Chris Tomberlin could work simultaneously. This significantly improved their workflow, making collaboration within their team effortless and efficient.


PRODUCER helped Copperwing to manage their productions more efficiently, and by consolidating all the stages of their production in one place, it became easier for them to collaborate effectively with the entire team. Copperwing instantly saw the value of the platform and made the decision to fully transition their production workflow onto PRODUCER. 

The Copperwing team particularly praised the ease and convenience they received when needing quick assistance and even feature development that would help them become even more efficient. 

“We are super excited to be on board and are looking forward to using all the new features in PRODUCER on our next project.” – Kristi Sasser.

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