Shot list

When your story is approved or well on its way, it’s time to bring it to life. With our automation engine ProFlow, generating your Shot List becomes a breeze. Here’s how.


Master your Shot List with ProFlow

ProFlow takes the lead, effortlessly populating every aspect of your camera operator's needs, as outlined in the Storyboard.

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Renumber shots

Align shots with cast and location. Effortlessly reorder.

Hide shots

Tailor your narrative. Use the toggle to hide and unhide shots.

Re-assign shooting days

Stay flexible. Hide, delete or re-assign a shooting day.


Arrange. Re-arrange.

Easily rearrange strips with a simple drag-and-drop, realistically allowing for sufficient time per shot. Hold shift to select multiple shots simultaneously for added efficiency.

Web_PRODUCER_Shotlist_1 (1)

Use version control to track changes to your asset2


Use version control to track changes to your asset3

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