Case study: Nickless

A creative mind can often go in many directions. Here's how the singer, Nickless, managed to organize his ideas.

Case Study

Nickless, a singer-songwriter renowned for his emotive music, faced a new challenge with his single “Julia?” — translating his complex emotions into a compelling music video narrative. 

The highlights

Enhanced organization
Unleashed creativity
Seamless collaboration

"PRODUCER was a digital way for me to bring all my thoughts down."– Nickless


Nickless needed a tool to organize his scattered ideas and turn them into a coherent storyboard that resonated with the song’s themes. His creative process usually involves visualizing scenes that match his music, but “Julia?” was a bit of a blank slate.


Enter PRODUCER, a comprehensive production management tool that Nickless adopted to simplify his creative journey.

How He Used It: Nickless used PRODUCER to map out his vision:

  • Creating Storyboards: With PRODUCER’s easy-to-use interface, Nickless translated his feelings into visual sequences. He matched scenes like coffee shops with ocean views, ensuring everything flowed together.
  • Working with Director Joni Hedinger: Collaborating remotely with Joni Hedinger was seamless. They refined the story bit by bit, using PRODUCER to manage shot lists, call sheets, and schedules in real-time.


  • Boosted Efficiency: PRODUCER’s automation sped up Nickless’ workflow, saving time and getting things done faster.
  • Unleashed Creativity: With a clear storyboard and organized schedule, Nickless and his team brought “Julia?” to life with precision and creativity.
  • Positive Feedback: The music video resonated deeply with fans, showcasing Nickless’ vision realized through PRODUCER.

Nickless’ experience with PRODUCER shows how it can enhance creativity in the music industry. By providing a digital canvas to visualize and execute ideas seamlessly, PRODUCER empowered Nickless to create a captivating narrative for “Julia?”.