Case study: Leipzig University

Content creation unleashed: How PRODUCER connected all the dots
and made the university's media department workflow entirely smooth.

Case Study

The Center for Media Production at the Leipzig University is an in-house multimedia service provider that handles a variety of video production requests from different university faculties. Their services include live broadcasts, science communication videos, and promotional content.

The highlights

Enhanced organization
Improved client relationships
Smoother collaboration

"PRODUCER has significantly improved our workflow and communication."– Florian Albrecht


The Center for Media Production at the Leipzig University faced significant workflow challenges in managing their multimedia services. With a team handling a variety of roles—from producers and directors to camera operators and editors—they were responsible for creating live broadcasts, science communication videos, and promotional content for university departments. Despite their efforts, they encountered issues with downtime and the need for technical improvements. Additionally, communication with clients, who often lacked video production knowledge, was a persistent challenge. The team experimented with various project management tools like Excel, Microsoft Teams, Trello, and Flow Production Tracking by Autodesk, but none fully addressed their needs.


After evaluating different tools, the Center for Media Production found that ‘PRODUCER’ was the most effective solution for their workflow challenges. Florian Albrecht, a producer and a key member of the team, highlighted how PRODUCER significantly improved their organization and communication. The tool’s design and ease of use were major factors in their decision. PRODUCER consolidated their production steps and integrated review functionalities, making it easier for clients to be involved in the production process. Florian noted that clients felt more engaged through the review tools and comments, enhancing overall collaboration and efficiency.


Since adopting PRODUCER, the Center for Media Production has seen notable improvements in their workflow and communication. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced Organization: PRODUCER streamlined the production process, reducing downtime and improving task management.
  • Improved Client Relationship: Clients now feel more connected to the production process, thanks to the tool’s review and commenting features.
  • Increased Efficiency: The team’s workflow became more efficient, leading to higher output and better collaboration among team members.

Florian also suggested future enhancements for PRODUCER, such as allowing multiple roles for individuals and introducing production templates. Despite these suggestions, the team is highly satisfied with the current state of the tool.

In Florian’s words: “PRODUCER has significantly improved our workflow and communication, making it easier for our team to handle multiple projects and for clients to feel involved. We’re excited about the potential future enhancements and look forward to continuing to use PRODUCER for our multimedia productions.”.