Streamlining your team's video production process is never easy.
We like to challenge that.

Case Study

Salient Media is a Swiss production company from Olten, consisting of three talented creatives, Niklas Burn, DOP, Govind Sharma, Producer, and Nicholas Beyeler, Director. 

The stats

50% less time spent on pre-production
30% higher client retention
Workflow between team members improved by 90%

"We cut our pre-production time by 50%"–
Salient Media


Salient Media struggled with messy project files scattered everywhere. This caused confusion and wasted time, with team members often unable to find what they needed. Communication problems led to delays and mistakes during planning. Without a unified system in place, the team found it challenging to maintain consistency and clarity throughout their projects.


PRODUCER transformed how the team of Salient Media managed their projects by bringing together all the tools they needed in one place. From planning to working together on edits, PRODUCER made everything smooth. Its easy-to-use design meant team members could transition onto the tool fast and work together easily. Plus, it let them make custom pitches for each client, making everyone happier, improving their retention as well as efficiency.


PRODUCER had a huge impact on Salient Media. By organizing their work and making communication smoother, they cut pre-production time by half. This meant they could handle bigger projects and meet deadlines better. Plus, with better client communication and sharing of progress, they boosted their reputation. PRODUCER became essential for their success, helping them grow even more.

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