PRODUCER empowers production teams with a suite of intuitive tools that supercharge collaboration and streamline workflow.

01 Director pitch
From the first idea PRODUCER helps to streamline your production.

Draft your concept. Create a detailed brief. Upload your prelim budget. Unite your team, film-crew, agency and client. Create moodboards that capture your look & feel. Evolve your storyboard and script. And export your storyboard as a pitch-winning presentation.

02 Director pitch
Enter data once and populate every step of your production.

Pitch, cast, select and book your talent. Upload and share locations with your production coordinator. Plan your shooting schedule and hire your cinematographer. Meanwhile shot lists auto-populate, schedules are auto-generated and call sheets are auto-shared, ensuring complete collaboration across the team.

03 Director pitch
Keeping your team up to speed all the time

Keep your stakeholders up to date on the latest schedule, location changes and shotlist progress. Stay on time, on budget and on-vision. Upload your dailies and share with your editor. Give your team the space to be at their best, with no stress.

04 Director pitch
Frame specific commenting and much more…

Upload your first rough cut. Annotate and collaborate with your team and clients. Keep all comments, reviews and step validation in one place. Spend less time chasing updates from multiple sources with all your assets in one location. Take the pain out of post.

05 Director pitch
Manage export formats and rights.

Coordinate all essential legal documentation including cast contracts and ownership agreements and music rights. Ensure all IP rights are locked and loaded. Make your final download available in all the right formats. And share your creation with the world!