Elevate your editing prowess with PRODUCER's integrated suite, optimizing your workflow
for seamless storytelling. Organize media assets and editing versions like no other to collaborate
with Directors and Producers in real-time.

Streamlined post-production workflow

Optimize your editing timeline with the streamlined post-production tools. Organize and access your striputs, rushes and edits efficiently, ensuring a smooth creative process from rough cut to final edit.

Facilitate collaborative feedback

Enhance your edit with collaborative insights using PRODUCER’s review and approval feature, including version comparison. Gather precise feedback directly on your cuts, enabling quick iterations and ensuring your final product aligns with the director’s vision.

Effortless media sharing

Simplify the distribution of your edits with robust file sharing and link sharing capabilities. Share large video files securely, collaborate effectively with your team, and maintain control over your project’s media assets.

Direct feedback integration with DaVinci Resolve

As a DaVinci Resolve user you can maximize your editing efficiency and export comments directly into your timeline. Seamless integration lets you quickly align your edits with team feedback.