Experience the magic of ProFlow within the Shooting Schedule, where fields have already been seamlessly populated, saving you valuable time. Now, it’s all about refining the details.


Organize, re-organize, re-imagine your shots

Your planning just got simpler, faster and more fun.

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Everything you need, at your fingertips

Magic in every click. It’s time to redefine efficiency.

Delight in the details

Enhance your Shooting Schedule with those essential details. Add lines for coffee breaks, allocate ample setup time, and, of course, ensure there’s time for a well-deserved lunch. Because a well-fed crew is a happy crew!

Effortless time estimates

If you haven’t added estimated times within the Storyboard, no worries—ProFlow’s auto calculation feature works its magic. Simply insert a line before or after a shot to trigger the auto calculation, saving you from dragging it across the entire schedule. Hold shift to select multiple shots and move them across days in one go.

Export with ease

The Shooting Schedule enables direct PDF exports. Content creators gain the flexibility to organize their entire shooting schedule, offering more control over every creative decision. Organize, reorganize, and reimagine your shots for the most efficient on-set process. ProFlow ensures your shooting schedule aligns seamlessly with your creative vision.


Access with a click.

Navigate your steps easily from the top menu. 


Use version control to track changes to your asset2


Use version control to track changes to your asset3

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Govind Sharma -- Producer, Salient Media​