PRODUCER & Microsoft at Festival de Cannes, Marché du Film Panel

Alisa Edlander

Alisa Edlander


PRODUCER had a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the ongoing conversation about AI in film on a panel talk with Simon Crownshaw and Dave Clark moderated by Marjorie Paillon, at the Microsoft Cafè.

Here are the main points we covered:

👉 Filmmakers’ stand: We discussed how some filmmakers are cautious about AI’s role in their industry, fearing it may compromise their jobs and creativity.

👉 AI as a Creative Aid: Despite concerns, we explored how AI can support filmmakers by handling routine tasks, allowing them to focus more on storytelling.

👉 Streamlining Workflows: We talked about the benefits of using unified tools like PRODUCER to centralize data and communication, making production processes more efficient.

👉 Real-World Examples: We shared success stories from companies like Copperwing and Brat TV, highlighting how AI integration has improved their workflows.

👉 PRODUCER’s Mission: PRODUCER is on a mission to support filmmakers by identifying specific areas where AI can benefit production processes, allowing creators to spend more time on creative tasks.

👉User-Centric Approach: We emphasized that while AI can be helpful, it’s essential for users to remain in control of the creative process.

Let’s continue exploring how AI can support and enhance storytelling in film production!

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