PRODUCER – Maker Machina Tested – First Look at the All-In-One Production Software

Exploring PRODUCER: A Three-Part Video Interview Series with CineD & MXR Productions

Alisa Edlander

Alisa Edlander


Ever find yourself drowning in Google docs and endless to-do lists just to keep your projects moving? Trust us, we’ve been there. As fellow filmmakers, we know the struggle of balancing commercials, client work, and team collaboration.

In our first-ever video interview series, hosted by Nino Leitner from CineD, we sat down with Christoph Tilley from MXR Productions to chat about how our tool takes on common production problems and streamlines the whole process.

We decided to take it into the field and give creators honest feedback on what our software can and cannot do.

PRODUCER will be tested on a real production, and the verdict will be released in the next episode.

Join us as we dive into how PRODUCER aims to shake up production routines, making your filmmaking journey a whole lot smoother.

Read the first article here. And don’t miss the next episode!

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