10 Days in L.A.: Here’s what I learned about the power of relationships

By Xaver Walser

Xaver Walser

Xaver Walser


PRODUCER - Maker Machina @ Microsoft Lounge California.

LA – August 2023 – its about building relationships.

We set out to build a tangible product that simplifies life, giving you peace of mind so that your focus can be on creativity and driving emotion. And for emotion, you need people. And what good is a great product without people? So, with people as the focus, we packed our bags and set off on a joint venture film project: Microsoft and PRODUCER, set in Los Angeles, California.

And now what? You arrive in busy LA, the mecca of filmmaking. What do you do now? Well, you need to trust and believe that you made the right decisions and that things are going to work out. And the funny thing is that somehow, it always does.

Powering Up with Partnerships: Microsoft Joins the PRODUCER Party

Where do you even start to express your gratitude to the multitude of amazing partners supporting us on this journey and now here in LA? So, let’s start right at the top of the chain with Microsoft. This partnership has enabled and empowered us to reach new heights that we never imagined possible. The support we get across all spectrums is simply amazing. And the number of people involved, all bringing their expertise to the table, is mind-blowing. Name it: From cloud technicians to AI experts, to moral support, to connecting us to the biggest players, shooting locations, trade shows, to fundraising… They provide us with anything and everything we need to keep propelling forward.

Lights, Camera, Collaboration: When RED Cinema Met PRODUCER

Then there was RED Cinema. 15 years since I first shot on the RED one. Their rebel approach to doing something completely out of the ordinary is part of our pool of inspiration. And now, to come full circle and RED supporting PRODUCER was a dream come true. Just being there at RED Studios Hollywood, we thought to ourselves, now we have made it. If this should be the end right here, right now… it’s ok… this must be heaven.

LA Vibes and Techie Tribes: Kicking It at Microsoft Lounge

But it was not the end of the line. And before we knew it, we were at the Microsoft Lounge Los Angeles shooting with industry legends like Andy Beach, Worldwide CTO for Media & Entertainment, and Simon Crownshaw, Worldwide Lead at Microsoft Media & Entertainment. These people know everybody in the game and are incredibly generous in moving the needle for PRODUCER. We have the vision of what the industry needs, and Microsoft empowers us with the tools, contacts, and opening every door you can imagine to make it happen.

NVIDIA: Adding Tech Sizzle to PRODUCER’s Story

Jason Schugardt, Senior Solutions Architect from NVIDIA, joined the party and shared the drive towards sustainability within the media sphere while reflecting on NVIDIA’s remarkable past year within the software and graphics processor unit, domination in artificial intelligence. And everything was captured with the brand new RED Komodo X camera. What beauty.

Rolling with the Punches: Crazy Weather and New Allies

And that’s how the days flew by in sunny Los Angeles. Oh, I almost forgot. Not every day was sunny. One of those days, we got hit by a hurricane and an earthquake at the exact same time. But still, this was not the end of the line. That very same day, just as one thought, “Will we make it?” two new early adopters started to work with PRODUCER. Brat TV and Microsoft Learning, pioneering the way forward within the world of managing all their assets through a single point of truth… PRODUCER.

People Power: The Secret Sauce Behind PRODUCER’s Software Magic

If there is one thing that I have learned over the past 3 years, it is that you need a deep driving desire to learn more about people. If you can manage the art of people, human relations… you win the battle. Persistence is the key that moves the needle. But you need to give it time, be patient, and trust the process. Build something people need and then nourish personal relationships. When we truly aim to put people first, we give ourselves the best chance to succeed. Do we have a long way to go? Yes. Every day is a journey, but people are what it’s all about. How do you make software tangible… you do it through people.

August 2023, CEO Xaver Walser, Los Angeles


Microsoft Lounge Los Angeles
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