Podcast “AI in Filmmaking: Exploring Fears and Unlocking Potential”

PRODUCER Founders Xaver and Pablo host Webinar with Andy Beach
(Global CTO Microsoft Media & Entertainment) about AI in Filmmaking


Xaver and Pablo, hosts of the Made for Makers podcast, are thrilled to announce their upcoming episode featuring a special guest, Andy Beach, Global CTO of Microsoft Media & Entertainment. In this thought-provoking discussion, Xaver, Pablo, and Andy will delve into the fears and potential of incorporating AI into the filmmaking process.

This podcast episode offers a unique opportunity for filmmakers, content creators, and industry professionals to gain valuable insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology. Xaver and Pablo will guide the conversation as they explore the ways in which AI can revolutionize the creative process and address concerns about its impact on human creativity.

Listeners will have the privilege of hearing firsthand from Andy Beach, a visionary leader in the field of AI and entertainment. With his wealth of experience as Global CTO of Microsoft Media & Entertainment, Andy will provide expert perspectives on the opportunities and challenges presented by AI in filmmaking. The podcast aims to inspire and inform its audience about the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

“We are passionate about exploring the intersection of AI and filmmaking,” said Xaver, one of the podcast hosts. “This episode is a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with an industry expert like Andy Beach and delve into the fears, dreams, and potential of AI in shaping the future of filmmaking. We can’t wait to share this enlightening conversation with our listeners.”

Tune in to Xaver and Pablo’s podcast to gain valuable insights and be part of the conversation surrounding AI in filmmaking. Join them as they navigate the possibilities of AI, its impact on creativity, and how it can be harnessed to empower filmmakers and content creators in their craft.

Key details for the webinar are as follows:

Date: June 28, 2023
Time: 5.30 PM CET / 11.30 AM EDT / 8.30 AM PDT
Duration: Max 60 Min. + Q&A
Location: Online (Virtual Event)
For media inquiries, please contact: Patrick Lambertz, COO, patrick@the-producer.io

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